We as a church, are allowing individuals to choose how they spiritually express their faith. therefore, this church remains open.

We take the threat of Covid-19 seriously and have put into place procedures to help protect our church family and guests. 

  • We ask everyone to bring a mask and when social distancing cannot be maintained they wear their mask.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available.
  • Worship seating allows for social distancing while enabling families to sit together.
  • Classrooms have a safe occupancy posted.  Once that number is reached or if occupants aren’t distanced, masks must be worn.
  • Worship services (English and Spanish) are streamed live on Facebook for those who are uncomfortable with attending in person.
  • All classrooms, worship centers, and restrooms are cleaned and disinfected after they are used.
  • No buffets or large meals are being served.
  • We have protocols in place should someone who has attended test positive.